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Victim Services

The Sonoma County Victim Services Division is one of the special programs designed to reduce the trauma and insensitive treatment victims and witnesses may experience following a crime. We are committed to helping crime victims and their families reorganize and reclaim their lives. Our staff seeks to make the criminal justice system more understandable, accessible, and responsive to the concerns of victims and their families.


Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence unit is dedicated to prosecuting crimes of domestic violence, which include physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse of a current or former intimate partner and children.


Sexual Assault Unit

The Sexual Assault Unit is responsible for prosecuting crimes of sexual assault in close conjunction with local law enforcement agencies.


Elder Protection Unit

The Elder Protection Unit handles all felony cases that involve the abuse of an elder or dependent adult, as defined by California Penal Code Section 368. The Unit includes a prosecutor, investigator and victim advocate, all trained and experienced in working with senior citizens. The unit works closely with other law enforcement agencies, and social service agencies such as Adult Protection Services to ensure that abusers are held accountable.


Environmental and Consumer Law Division

The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Environmental and Consumer Law Division (ECLD) enforces environmental laws and consumer protection in a fair and firm manner in order protect our citizens and environment from those who would pollute our air, ground or water or degrade our uniquely beautiful natural resources, as well as from those who would engage in fraudulent, dishonest or unlawful business practices.


Community Protection Unit

The mission of the Community Protection Unit (CPU) is to strategically address crimes that negatively impact our communities’ safety and sense of well-being.


Insurance Fraud Unit

The Sonoma County District Attorney's Insurance Fraud Unit prosecutes all forms of insurance fraud and related crimes, including Workers Compensation Fraud and Automobile Insurance Fraud. The Unit works closely with the California Department of Insurance and the fraud units of various insurance companies, other District Attorney’s Offices, and other local agencies to investigate and prosecute these crimes.


Juvenile Unit

The Office of the District Attorney is responsible for presenting evidence in Juvenile Court of the delinquent activity of minors within Sonoma County. This includes screening cases for informal supervision, diversion, certification to adult court and prosecution in the juvenile courts.


Narcotics Unit

The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office Narcotics Unit is a team of experienced, specially trained attorneys who prosecute significant narcotics cases in the County.