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Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence Unit prosecutes a variety of crimes including:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Restraining Order Violations

The Domestic Violence unit is dedicated to prosecuting crimes of domestic violence, which include physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse of a current or former intimate partner and children. The unit also handles cases of stalking and restraining order violations involving domestic violence. The unit works closely with Victim Witness advocates and District Attorney Investigators to provide support and assistance to victims and their families throughout the legal process. The unit’s goal is to hold offenders accountable, protect victims and their children, and prevent future violence. 

Comfort Dogs

The DA's office employed a pair of specially trained facility comfort dogs for use in assisting victims of crime during interviews, office visits, and testifying in court.  The utilization of a comfort dog is a trauma informed approach that offers crime victims emotional comfort, and for some people, a sense of normalcy during a difficult period of time.

Visit our Comfort Dogs page for more information


The District Attorney serves on numerous multidisciplinary teams to enhance the protection of victims and hold offenders accountable:

Family Violence Prevention Council

A countywide effort, chaired by the District Attorney’s Office and the Sonoma County Superior Court, to reduce and prevent the incidence of family violence and provide support for its victims.

Child Death Review Team

Chaired by the District Attorney’s Office, this team reviews the circumstances surrounding the death of every child in Sonoma County. The team’s mission is to detect child abuse and prevent child injury.

Domestic Violence Death Review Team

This team reviews domestic violence deaths and recommends strategies to help prevent domestic violence deaths. It also helps in dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence death and injuries.

Redwood Children’s Center

Human Services, Public Health, and the District Attorney collaborate with law enforcement at this child-friendly evidence collection center to minimize the trauma suffered by children in these cases by eliminating the need for multiple interviews.