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Environmental and Consumer Law Division

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The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Environmental and Consumer Law Division (ECLD) enforces environmental and consumer protection laws both criminally and civilly.  We take legal actions to protect our environment and citizens from those who pollute our air, ground or water, or degrade our uniquely beautiful natural resources.  In addition, we protect and educate citizens from those who engage in fraudulent, dishonest, or unlawful business practices in our community. We also participate in multi-county task forces to accomplish these goals on a statewide basis.

To contact the unit, please call (707) 565-3161 or email us at

Environmental Protection

ECLD prosecutes defendants who are accused of environmental violations both criminally and civilly in a wide range of fields, including illegal handling or disposal of hazardous waste, water pollution, air pollution, natural resources destruction, timber harvesting, public nuisance, workers safety and others. ECLD works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement and resource protection agencies to provide a coordinated and comprehensive response to violations of environmental laws.

Since its establishment in December 1989, ECLD has procured misdemeanor and felony convictions as well as civil judgments and injunctions against numerous individuals and corporations resulting in the imposition of jail time, criminal or civil penalties, agency costs reimbursement, site clean ups, resource restoration and funds for environmental education, habitat restoration and environmental enforcement efforts.

In addition to environmental prosecutions, ECLD has joined with government, community, and industry groups to provide education and training to local business and property owners in order to assist them in complying with the complex range of environmental laws and regulations in effect in Sonoma County.

The public is encouraged to report violations of environmental laws to their local police agency or sheriff’s office. 

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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection binder next to a gavel

ECLD prosecutes defendants who are accused of unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent business practices.  Since its inception in 1989, ECLD has successfully prosecuted and secured criminal convictions, civil judgments, and injunctions against a multitude of local, state, and national companies who have violated the laws and regulations designed to safeguard Californians from unfair practices in the marketplace.

ECLD strives to educate the community regarding consumer protection issues through presentations to community groups, published Consumer Alerts, and a variety of written material. 

Wage Theft

"Residents of Sonoma County deserve to get paid for the hard work they do. Too often our workers are denied lawful wages with little to no recourse. My goal is to protect people not only from violent crime, but from offenses that impact our ability to earn a living.“

-Carla Rodriguez, Sonoma County District Attorney.

In 2022, a new law went into effect in California that makes the crime of Wage Theft punishable as grand theft, a felony.  Under the new law, employers commit grand theft of wages when they intentionally withhold compensation in a consecutive 12-month period in an amount greater than $950 from any one employee, or greater than $2,350 from two or more employees.  Wage theft cases prosecuted under this law carry a potential sentence of three years in local prison.

Wage Theft can include:

  • Not paying Minimum Wage, Overtime, or Gratuities
  • Not Providing Meal and Rest Breaks, Sick Leave
  • Not Paying Independent Contractors as well as Direct Employees

There are many protections that employees have from employers who unlawfully take from them. There are many different rules for different professions, however, all employees deserve to be paid for the work that they do in a timely fashion.

If you believe you are the victim of wage theft, or for more information on rules and examples of wage theft, please call our wage theft hotline 1-833-889-2437 (1-833-88-WAGES) and visit the Department of Industrial Relations for more information.

Wage Theft Hotline Banner 1-883-88-WAGES

Consumer Alerts

ECLD provides Consumer Alerts to educate the community regarding current scams and other consumer issues in our county.  Frequently, many of the scammers are difficult to locate or may be located in other states or foreign countries where we are unable to prosecute them.  It is therefore important to provide information to help prevent out citizens from becoming victims of these scams.

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Consumer Complaint Resolution Program

Person holding tablet with Consumer Protection app

ECLD operates a program to assist Sonoma County consumers resolve disputes with local businesses.  You may print/download a complaint, which can be returned in-person or via U. S. Mail to 2300 County Center Drive, Suite B170, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, or email at  If you would like more information, please call our hotline at (707) 565-5317.

PDF File Icon  Consumer Complaint Form, English        PDF File Icon  Consumer Complaint Form, Spanish

Important Information

  • While our goal is to assist consumers to obtain a resolution of their dispute, this program is voluntary; we cannot compel anyone to participate.
  • This office also provides referral services directing consumers to agencies that are established to address specialized consumer issues. If appropriate, we may refer your complaint to such an agency.
  • Regardless of the outcome of your complaint, this office will retain your complaint in the event we receive subsequent similar complaints about the business.
  • Do not use this form to report a crime. If you have reason to believe a crime has been committed, please contact your local police department.