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Narcotics Unit

The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office Narcotics Unit is a team of experienced, specially trained attorneys who prosecute significant narcotics cases in the County. The Narcotics Unit prosecutes major narcotic traffickers and illegal drug manufacturers including the following types of cases:

  • Seizures of large quantities of narcotics, such as fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine
  • Mid-level dealers involved in a conspiracy to distribute narcotics
  • Clandestine lab cases, including cases with multiple defendants conspiring to manufacture
  • Drugs or individuals supplying chemicals necessary for the manufacture of drugs
  • Any narcotics case resulting from a federal or state wiretap
  • Deaths related to drug overdose

The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office acknowledges the devastating effect opioid and Fentanyl abuse has on our community.  We have initiated a public outreach campaign.

Please see our One Pill Can Kill page for additional information and resources. 

Fentanyl: This much kills

Asset Forfeiture

The Narcotics Unit also handles the forfeiture of assets (usually money) utilized in drug sales, manufacturing, and transportation cases. The purpose of California’s asset forfeiture statutes (Health & Safety Code 11469 et seq.) is to enable the government to strip drug dealers of their operating tools and economic base, i.e., profits made from their illegal activities. The District Attorney’s Office continually strives to ensure that all asset forfeiture proceedings are conducted in a lawful and ethical manner. Every effort is made to protect innocent owners from seizure and forfeiture.

Alternatives to Jail

Drug abuse damages all sectors of society. Drugs destroy individual lives, break families apart, and are very often the motivating factor behind crimes. To help individuals break free of their drug addiction and lead productive lives, the District Attorney’s Office supports several programs designed to combat drug abuse. The Office participates in Drug Court, a rehabilitation program for drug abusers who have been convicted of non-violent felony offenses. The Office also participates in 1210 Court, a court supervised diversion for persons convicted of non-violent felony drug offenses. In addition, persons charged with misdemeanor drug related offenses may also seek diversion in lieu of a conviction if they have not had a conviction or been diverted within five years. Finally, if a case is not appropriate for these alternatives, the District Attorney’s Office effectively prosecutes drug cases.