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Services Available

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Victim Services offers comprehensive services to victims and witnesses of all types of crimes. Assistance is provided from the moment the crime occurs for as long as assistance is needed; there is no cutoff for assistance by the program. The Program was created by the passage of Section 13835 et seq. of the California State Penal Code, which mandates local comprehensive centers for victim and witness assistance throughout California. In Sonoma County, this assistance is administered through the Victim Assistance Center, a program of the District Attorney’s Office.

Services Mandatory by Statute

Other Services Available

  • Crisis intervention 
  • Emergency assistance 
  • Resource and referral assistance 
  • Direct follow-up counseling 
  • Property return assistance 
  • Orientation to the Criminal Justice System 
  • Court escort & court support 
  • Case status & case disposition information 
  • Notification of family and friends 
  • Employer notification 
  • Victim of crime claims assistance
  • Creditor Intervention 
  • Childcare assistance
  • Restitution information 
  • Witness notification 
  • Funeral and burial arrangements 
  • Crime prevention information 
  • Temporary restraining order information 
  • Transportation assistance 
  • Court waiting area 
  • Employer intervention 

If you have been a victim of a crime and need assistance, you can call the Victim Witness Assistance Center at (707) 565-8250. A Victim Advocate will speak with you and determine how we can assist you. Program services are provided free of charge, and there is no legal citizenship requirement to receive assistance.