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Elder Protection Unit

The Elder Protection Unit handles all felony cases that involve the abuse of an elder or dependent adult, as defined by California Penal Code Section 368. The Unit includes a prosecutor, investigator and victim advocate, all trained and experienced in working with senior citizens. The unit works closely with other law enforcement agencies, and social service agencies such as Adult Protection Services to ensure that abusers are held accountable.

Penal Code Section 368 identifies crimes which involve the knowing abuse of an elder or dependent adult. Those crimes include physical abuse, neglect, the infliction of mental suffering, and financial abuse. The statute also specifically provides for enhanced criminal penalties in the case of identity theft, fraud, forgery, or other related matters which victimize an elder or dependent adult.

The Unit also handles cases where the suspect may not have knowledge of the victim’s age or condition resulting in dependency, such as residential burglary, but where the victim will need special attention or assistance during the pendency of the case due to the victim’s age or special needs.

If you are an elder or dependent adult and are being abused, or know of someone who is, please dial 911 and report the abuse immediately

If you need information or non-emergency assistance, you may contact your local law enforcement agency or Adult Protection Services. Additionally, the following agencies may be able to provide you with helpful resources: