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Insurance Fraud Unit

The Sonoma County District Attorney»s Insurance Fraud Unit prosecutes all forms of insurance fraud and related crimes, including Workers Compensation Fraud and Automobile Insurance Fraud. The Unit works closely with the California Department of Insurance and the fraud units of various insurance companies, other District Attorney’s Offices, and other local agencies to investigate and prosecute these crimes.

The Workers Compensation system is a valuable program which compensates legitimately injured workers and benefits the people of the State of California. However, many workers make fraudulent claims on the system, which creates an air of mistrust against those who are legitimately deserving of benefits and also increases employer costs and drives businesses and jobs from California. Similarly, the Automobile Insurance Industry receives many fraudulent claims each year, which has been a significant factor in increasing individual automobile insurance rates.

It is the Fraud Unit»s mission to investigate fraudulent claims and aggressively prosecute violators, thereby deterring others from similar conduct by demonstrating its consequences.