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For Immediate Release

<p>Criminal street gang member denied parole for crime of attempted murder </p>

Santa Rosa,CA | August 03, 2021

District Attorney Jill Ravitch announced today that on August 3, 2021, the California Board of Prison Terms denied parole to Mario Gaburel, 51-years-old of Santa Rosa, who was convicted of the attempted murder of four young persons in 1997.

In 1997, Mario Gaburel was living with his teenaged step-son in Santa Rosa. The two were members of the same criminal street gang. Gaburel’s step-son told him that he had recently been stabbed by rival gang members. Gaburel planned a retaliation assault on the rival gang members and obtained an AK-47 rifle.

On February 21, 1997, Gaburel’s step-son advised Gaburel that the persons responsible for the stabbing were inside a vehicle that was currently stopped at a traffic signal outside of their house. Gaburel retrieved his AK-47, ran outside, and opened fire on four young victims who were seated in a vehicle. Gaburel then told his step-son, “Don’t talk, or you’ll go down too.”

All four victims were treated for gunshot wounds, and survived the shooting. Gaburel was subsequently convicted of attempted first degree murder, as well as firearm and criminal street gang enhancements. The court sentenced him to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

On August 3, 2021, a hearing was held at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Sacramento, to determine whether or not Gaburel currently presents an unreasonable risk of harm to the public, and whether he can be released back into the community on a grant of parole. After taking testimony from Gaburel, reviewing prison files and psychiatric evaluations, and hearing arguments from both Gaburel’s attorney and the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office, the California Board of Prison Terms issued a seven-year denial of parole. In its ruling the Board noted Gaburel’s continued refusal to accept responsibility for his conduct. The Board further noted Gaburel’s repeated violent behavior while incarcerated, most notably a 2016 incident for which Gaburel was convicted of the attempted murder of another inmate. Gaburel will not be eligible for parole again until 2028, at which time another hearing on the issue will occur.