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Comfort Dogs

Watercolor image of the DA's comfort dogs Miranda and Carla

The DA's office employed a pair of specially trained facility comfort dogs for use in assisting victims of crime during interviews, office visits, and testifying in court.  The utilization of a comfort dog is a trauma informed approach that offers crime victims emotional comfort, and for some people, a sense of normalcy during a difficult period of time.

If you're interested in working with one of our comfort dogs, please let your victim advocate know.

Meet the Dogs

Miranda Baseball Card


Miranda is a Black Labrador Retriever, who was born on September 27, 2014. Miranda comes from Paws As Loving Support (PALS). Miranda and her litter were named after county music artists (named after Miranda Lambert, not Miranda Rights). Miranda’s brother, Rascal (Rascal Flats) is Darla’s dad. Miranda has been trained as a facility comfort dog, specifically for the District Attorney’s Office and to assist in the courtroom as well. Miranda spent her younger years assisting victims and witnesses of crimes testify on the witness stand in court. She now spends most of her time meeting with victims and witnesses in the office and comforting office staff. If you ask around, you will quickly learn that Miranda is the most loved employee in the office.



 Darla Baseball Card


Darla is a Black Labrador Retriever, who was born on June 14, 2020. Darla also comes from PALS in Forestville, CA, who named her and her litter after characters from The Little Rascals. Darla has been trained as a facility comfort dog, specifically for the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office and courthouse setting. Darla is a very sweet, empathetic and endearing dog, who is eager to please and help people. Darla’s services are a valuable contribution to the people of our community, who experience crime victimization.

Comfort Dog Availability

Darla and Miranda are available to help anyone who may need them while visiting the District Attorney’s office. If you are feeling overwhelmed or nervous, either dog will happily rest near you, and accept any pets that you have to offer. To meet Darla or Miranda, please ask any staff member here at the District Attorney’s Office.