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Man Convicted of Attempted Murder of Elderly Rohnert Park Man While Wearing Trump Mask and Santa Disguise Sentenced to Life in Prison

SANTA ROSA, CA | August 12, 2022

Defendant Gerald Jacinth, 76 years-old of Las Vegas, was sentenced earlier today by the Honorable Christopher Honigsberg to serve the maximum term of 30 years-to-life in state prison after being found guilty by a jury in July of this year of charges of premeditated attempted murder and shooting at an inhabited dwelling. The jury also found “true” allegations that Jacinth discharged a firearm and inflicted great bodily injury.

District Attorney Ravitch stated, “This was a horrific experience for the victim, and we hope that the sentence handed down by the court today gives him and his family some comfort knowing that this defendant will be locked behind bars for a very lengthy period of time.”

The 79-year-old victim had been married for 54 years, lived with his wife in their Rohnert Park home in a quiet residential neighborhood, where they had been for the past 25 years. Over a lengthy period, multiple disagreements arose between the victim and the defendant, who is the victim’s brother-in-law. However, at the time of the incident Jacinth resided in Nevada, and the two had not had contact since approximately 2014.

Nevertheless, on Dec. 26, 2020, Jacinth went to the victim’s home and parked his car across the street from the victim’s home at around 11:00 a.m. It was a sunny day, and many people were out and about. As the victim opened his garage door and put away Christmas gifts in his truck, Jacinth emerged from his car wearing a Trump Halloween mask, a white beard, a Santa hat, and was holding a box made to look like a present. Jacinth walked up to the victim and told him he had a special delivery. The victim felt uncomfortable and refused to take the package. During their interaction Jacinth shot the victim in the neck at close range. The victim turned and ran into the garage and Jacinth shot him again. The second bullet went through the victim’s back and out his side.  The defendant pursued the victim into the garage and tried to fire a third shot, but the gun jammed.

Rohnert Park police responded to numerous 911 calls and Jacinth was apprehended nearby. The victim’s wounds required extensive medical treatment for several months. During a recorded call from jail, Jacinth bragged to his son about his crime, telling him he got the disguise in order to get close up to the victim to shoot him, and that he laughed at the victim’s cries for help.

The victim and his family were present at the sentencing hearing. The victim’s adult children recounted how their families, including their own children, have suffered emotionally from the shooting. They told the court that they live in fear that Jacinth will come back and “finish the job” if he is ever let out of prison. The victim and his family asked the court to sentence Jacinth to the maximum term allowed by law so that they could feel safe. In imposing the maximum term, the court noted that he found Jacinth’s extreme anger and lack of remorse “alarming,” and stated that Jacinth poses a danger to the community.

The case was investigated by the Rohnert Park Police Department and prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Marianna Green.

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