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Santa Rosa Man Sentenced to 7 years 8 Months for Possession of 12 Pounds of Methamphetamine

Santa Rosa,CA | October 17, 2018

Defendant Ersain Alcantar-Reyes, 21 years old of Santa Rosa, was sentenced today by the Honorable Robert LaForge to serve seven years eight months in state prison after pleading no contest in August to a charge of possession of methamphetamine for sale.  The defendant also admitted a sentencing enhancement for possessing more than four kilograms of methamphetamine.

District Attorney Ravitch stated, “It is hard to overstate the amount of harm done to our community by someone releasing 12 pounds of methamphetamine onto our streets.  Unfortunately, this substance is relatively easy to produce and the demand is high.  Therefore, my office will continue to vigorously prosecute suppliers and distributors of these dangerous drugs.”

On March 21, 2018 a search warrant was served at the residence of Alcantar-Reyes and a search of his room revealed approximately twelve pounds of methamphetamine packaged in various quantities.  Alcantar-Reyes claimed he was acting alone in the sales and possession of methamphetamine.

Despite the relatively large amount of methamphetamine, Alcantar-Reyes will serve his prison sentence in local jail because of a change in sentencing law approved by the legislature and signed by the Governor in 2011 called The Public Safety Realignment Act.  The Realignment Act also allows for local prison commitments to be split between time spent in custody and time spent in the community on probation supervision.  In this case Alcantar-Reyes will spend approximately six years in custody and the remainder on mandatory supervision.  During the period of mandatory supervision he will be monitored to ensure that he abides by his parole conditions.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Thomas GotshallThe Santa Rosa Police Department headed the investigation.