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Man Sentenced to Maximum Sentence for Assault With Intent to Rape

SANTA ROSA, CA | February 23, 2024

Defendant Jamonie Alfonzoe Stevens, 28 years old of Santa Rosa, was sentenced earlier today by the Honorable Mark Urioste to serve nine years and eight months in state prison, the maximum term allowed by law.  In December of 2023, a jury convicted Mr. Stevens of committing felony assault with intent to rape, making criminal threats, and false imprisonment. 

District Attorney Carla Rodriguez stated, "No one should be subjected to the fear and trauma that Mr. Stevens inflicted on Ms. Doe.  Because of her courage, both in fending off the sexual assault and later in testifying at trial, Mr. Stevens will not be able to terrorize another person for some time.”

The charges resulted from an incident in October of 2022 when the victim, Jane Doe, was walking home alone after leaving a restaurant in Santa Rosa. Stevens, a stranger to Doe, appeared next to her while she was waiting at a stop light. Doe was immediately frightened and attempted to walk away from Stevens. Despite her attempts, Stevens followed her across streets, and into the middle of streets, as she tried to get him to leave. Stevens ultimately began trying to pull her into dark areas, and at one point took her phone and threw it away. Ms. Doe was able to recover her phone and called her partner for help.

Mr. Stevens touched Ms. Doe on her breast and buttocks at least two times as she walked the two miles her partner’s home.  He then grabbed her around the neck and threw her to the ground. Ms. Doe began screaming and ran for her partner’s home as Mr. Stevens chased after her. When she made it to the house, the gate was locked, forcing her to climb a low fence.  Mr. Stevens grabbed her and attempted to pull her down off the fence as she tried to escape him. At the same time, Ms. Doe’s partner was leaving the house to go look for her.  He drove his vehicle at Mr. Stevens, causing him to run away. Mr. Stevens was later apprehended by law enforcement.

The trial and sentencing were handled by Deputy District Attorney Juliette Hyde.


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