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Pay Pal Scam

Published: February 08, 2018

We have received a recent complaint that an individual who was attempting to sell an item on Craig’s List received a fraudulent email purporting to come from Pay Pal advising them that a payment had been received and to send money for shipping costs in order to receive payment for the item they were attempting to sell. Pay Pal has very helpful information on its website regarding how to spot scam emails that purport to be from Pay Pal at .

If you receive such an email, report to Pay Pal. If you intend to conduct any business using Pay Pal it is good to review this information so that you can be alert to these types of scams.

Always be cautious about providing any personal or account information via email or phone unless you have verified that the person is who they purport to be. Scammers are very good at “spoofing” email addresses and phone numbers so it appears that they are coming from a trusted source.